Story Teller


about“Story Teller”

What is Story Teller anyway? Well it is not exactly jewelry. And it is jewelry.

It was my way to launch myself as an independent jeweler during MJW 2016, as a participant of the project Myths TEST DRIVE. I wanted to share my story as a child of a captain and a radio operator in cargo ships. I also wanted to communicate with other people of similar heritage and exchange stories. I wanted to talk about my grandparents, my island, me travelling around the world. But how can one capture ones whole life in one piece of jewelry? So I decided to turn it into a life’s project of DIY jewelry. Oh well, I hope it turns out so anyway…

So this very first edition of Story Teller comes in a “carry along your map” tube bag. It contains a booklet and a DIY kit to make your own brooch.                                                                                                                                              1IMG_5395


It took a lot of people to get enough carton rolls for the tubes! And a long time to assemble.

The booklet is sort of a calendar with some important hints about…me. I worked with different approaches before the final version. These are collages of family photos with a lot of Photoshop games!



In my attempt to create a cartography of my life I added some important maps..3. attika

The whole idea is that one can use the kit to copy parts of the booklet or add new sketches to create their own story. And you can do it while chewing a piece of Chios Mastic gum!



“You can cut,copy,add and create your own story on your brooch.

Then you will be a Story Teller too.”


Finally you can put down the details of your experience with the Story Teller by adding data in a captains Logbook.

BoatlogexampleI am happy that some of the first Story Tellers are in good hands.

Thank you Loukia Richards, Christoph Ziegler,

Lital Mendel, Juan Harnie, Eleftheria Spanidaki,

Linda Savineau, Eugenia Feroussi, Phi Factor,

Otto Kunzli, Liesbeth den Besten, Jorge Manilla

for accepting one of my Story Tellers.


Impressions from Munich Jewellery Week‬‬ Part II


The second post about Munich is about the actual work I presented in the exhibition TEST DRIVE. The series of brooches “Vessels and Routes” are well described by the curator of the exhibition ‪#‎LoukiaRichards‬ as an effort to condense my childhood experiences into a piece of jewelry.

Impressions from Munich Jewellery Week‬ Part I


Well it has been exactly 2 weeks since the finissage of the MJW and I am still in the Munich “cosmos”! It has been a great experience.The first post about my impressions cannot be another but about my taking part in the project TEST DRIVE. I have been professionally engaged with jewelry for the past 10 years and most of my activities have taken place through the collective ‪#‎SynApeirο‬. It has been an honor and a privilege the first time I exhibit -outside of Greece- as an independent artist, to be through such a pioneer and innovative project like TEST DRIVE.

“Myths 2016 – Test Drive”


JEWELLERY AS SHAREWARE or Do not let Erisychthons rule over the earth!

“Myths 2016 – Test Drive” is a mobile jewelry art exhibition focusing on Share Economy and promoting more environmentally conscious patterns of consumption. The show takes place inside a trailer-turned-into-a-gallery stationed in down town Munich during the city’s Jewelry Week “Schmuck”.