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Impressions from Munich Jewellery Week‬‬ Part II

“Vessels and Routes”
‎MJW2016‬ Part II_Jewels
The second post about Munich is about the actual work I presented in the exhibition TEST DRIVE. The series of brooches “Vessels and Routes” are well described by the curator of the exhibition ‪#‎LoukiaRichards‬ as an effort to condense my childhood experiences into a piece of jewelry.
My origins are from Chios, an island on the west boarders of Greece, famous for two things: mastic gum and its nautical culture.I come from a family engaged in sea travels for more than three generations and I have travelled around the world twice, by the time I was five years old.
This experience has in a way determined my life along with the narrations of sea voyages and distant countries. The decision to take part in MJW came along with the decision to confront this aspect of my life.
These brooches are VESSELS of remembrance. I set out to capture the scent of memories and in this venture I decided to use an unusual sense to perceive jewelry, their SMELL.The smell of tobacco along with the distinct aroma of ‪#‎Chiosmasticgum‬ are a gate to memories and mind travels.They provoke the wearer to contemplate on personal memories and track back their ROOTS along with planning new ROUTES for the future.
‎MJW2016‬ Part II_Kalliopi
The reaction of the audience to the brooches was very interesting. While wearing one, people would have to come really close to me to smell them, which made it quite an intimate interaction. At the exhibition they were asked to open the cigar box before they could see the object. For me this was also a bit ceremonial, which makes your senses even more alert. People found them from appalling to funny,with all the in between flattering comments. I also got intense emotional reactions to the story behind them.
So overall it has been a great maiden voyage for my vessels and I have gained a lot of…everything to keep on going!

‎MJW2016‬ Part II_Enosi Mastixoparagogon

I would like to thank again ‪#‎mastihashop‬ and the Association of Mastic Gum Growers for their support.


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