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Impressions from Munich Jewellery Week‬ Part I

About ‪#‎MJW2016‬ Part I

Well it has been exactly 2 weeks since the finissage of the MJW and I am still in the Munich “cosmos”! It has been a great experience.The first post about my impressions cannot be another but about my taking part in the project TEST DRIVE. I have been professionally engaged with jewelry for the past 10 years and most of my activities have taken place through the collective ‪#‎SynApeirο‬. It has been an honor and a privilege the first time I exhibit -outside of Greece- as an independent artist, to be through such a pioneer and innovative project like TEST DRIVE.

The project was presented in a mobile gallery but the physical mobility was only one aspect of the project. The essence of the project-that is an ongoing effort and will have life after MJW- is about the values of Share Economy and promoting more environmentally conscious patterns of consumption. “The artworks were made with organic or recyclable materials, have used energy/capital saving techniques such as innovative 3D Printing or old fashioned assemblage or objet trouve in their making. These techniques address the issue of shortage, re-use, lack of capital to invest on precious raw materials, as well as environmental issues many designers have to confront in their daily art practice.”says ‪#‎LoukiaRichards‬ who is the curator of this and other projects by ‪#‎Mythen‬ along with ‪#‎ChristophZiegler‬.Another provocative -for the jewelry scene- and intriguing idea of the project was that of making the visitors ambassadors of this idea by giving them the opportunity to borrow jewelry and “test drive” them through the city.

I would like to thank the curators along with the other participants who trusted this project.TRUST is the main value that totters these days but is also the corner stone of our society and anything that can refer to art.
Keep on the TEST DRIVE mood : ‪#‎JoanneHaywood‬ (UK), ‪#‎JudithSchwendener‬ (NL)/ ‪#‎DitaAntonopoulou‬ (GR)/ ‪#‎LitalMendel‬ Jewlery Design (ISR)/ ‪#‎YolandeDuchateau‬ Contemporary Jewlery (BE)/ ‪#‎NoliaShakti‬ (NL)/ ‪#‎AnneDinan‬ (USA)/ ‪#‎TSquared‬ (ISR)/ ‪#‎EugeniaFeroussi‬ (GR)/ ‪#‎LindaSavineau‬ (BE)/ ‪#‎MarionDelarue‬ Contemporary Objects (FR)/ ‪#‎EDELPLAST‬‪#‎JuanHarnie‬ (BE)/ Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst (DE)/ ‪#‎EleftheriaSpantidaki‬ (GR)/ ‪#‎MartijntjeCornelia‬ (NL)/ #ChristophZiegler (DE)/ #LoukiaRichards (GR/UK).
More coming soon…
The photos are from the opening held at PLATFORM Munich with the cooperation of The General Consulate of Greece in Munich.

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